Crimsafe iQ

Welcome to Crimsafe iQ

The strongest stainless steel security door in Australia

We are proud to launch Crimsafe iQ™, the latest innovation in our product range.

Crimsafe has invested three years in product development and testing to deliver a product that passes one of the toughest burglar-resistance tests in the world.

Development included sourcing world-leading technology and hardware to design and bring to market the strongest stainless steel security door in Australia.

Initially previewed to Licensees at the 2017 Crimsafe Conference, the iQ door is now ready for national release. The first product in this new range is a hinged door.

What makes Crimsafe iQ™ different?

  • It is a premium level product, available with mechanical (iQ-m) or electromechanical (iQ-e) locking mechanisms.
  • European hardware and special heavy duty hinges make it incredibly resistant to real-world attack.
  • It has passed European Standards EN1627-1630:2011+1:2015 – one of the toughest real-world burglar resistance tests in the world.

The iQ-m door features five individual lock modules, the lock modules have double locking mechanisms, providing ten-point locking.

The iQ-e door features three individual lock modules, the lock modules have double locking mechanisms providing six-point locking.

The range is adjustable using the Sorex Manager App. There are four settings available:

  • Close @ 2m
  • Normal @ 10m
  • Far @ 20m
  • Maximum @ 40m

Six devices can be linked to one door with one master code and a total of 18 PIN codes (4 to 10 digits)

In the event of a power outage the iQ-e is manually operable by key or inside handle. All pre-existing PIN codes and settings are retained once power is restored.

The PIN can be reset via the keypad or the Sorex Manager App. You will need the six digit master code. If you forget your PIN you can use the key to gain entry until PIN is reset.

After 30 characters have been entered the keypad will be blocked for 5 seconds. If another 30 unrecognized characters are entered following the block it is blocked for a further 10 seconds, then 30 seconds and finally 60 seconds. As soon as a correct character sequence is entered the blocking system is reset.

The blue backlight and keypad sound can be turned off, the changes can be made to the keypad settings using the Sorex Manager App.

Entry will not be gained. The keypad will need to be replaced which means that any PIN codes that were programmed into the previous keypad will need to be reprogrammed. The cable plugs into the bottom of the keypad so it can be easily changed over.

You can press the X button at any time. This will clear any numbers that have been entered.