Crimsafe Security Doors

Welcome to Crimsafe Security Doors

Crimsafe has a wide range of door options to suit every home décor and every size and style of opening.

Hinged doors

Crimsafe hinged screen doors secure the main entry points of your home, keeping your family safe inside and keeping unwanted visitors out.

Crimsafe allows light and air to flow naturally through your home, while still giving you comfort that you have a strong barrier between you and any uninvited guests that may knock on your door.

Sliding doors

Crimsafe’s single, double or triple sliding security screens can secure small or large openings.

With no need for bars and grilles, Crimsafe sliding doors increasing airflow, protect your views and create a sense of open space in your home.

French doors

French doors look beautiful, but they can be an easy access point for criminals. Crimsafe’s double French door security screens have been designed to secure your doors, without detracting from their visual appeal.

Bi-fold and stacking doors

Bi-fold and stacking doors are ideal for very large openings, such as onto a large balcony, patio or courtyard.

Bi-fold doors have hinged panels that open up concertina-style, folding back on themselves neatly.

Stacking doors have sliding panels that stack in front of each other.