Crimsafe Security Doors

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A variety of Crimsafe Security Screen Doors & Windows

In the realm of home security in Australia, Crimsafe Security Doors stand apart, effortlessly merging unparalleled protection with contemporary aesthetics. 

Why Crimsafe?
Crimsafe is synonymous with advanced security without compromising on beauty. Their security doors are celebrated for offering:

  1. Advanced Security: Crafted with Tensile-Tuff® mesh, Crimsafe doors are resistant to knives, levers, and other breaking tools.
  2. Sleek Aesthetics: These doors integrate seamlessly into any home design, ensuring safety doesn’t come at the expense of elegance.
  3. Optimal Ventilation: Enjoy the Canberra breeze with the peace of mind that your home remains secure.
Constructed with the robust Tensile-Tuff® security mesh, Crimsafe doors are resilient against potential break-ins, ensuring your home remains an impregnable sanctuary. But it’s not just about security; Crimsafe’s sleek designs ensure that your home’s facade is enhanced, not hindered. Choosing Crimsafe means opting for peace of mind without compromising on style. Crimsafe has a wide range of options to suit every home décor and every size and style of opening.

Hinged doors

Crimsafe hinged screen doors secure the main entry points of your home, keeping your family safe inside and keeping unwanted visitors out.

Crimsafe allows light and air to flow naturally through your home, while still giving you comfort that you have a strong barrier between you and any uninvited guests that may knock on your door.

hinged doors
sliding doors

Sliding doors

Crimsafe’s single, double or triple sliding security screens can secure small or large openings.

With no need for bars and grilles, Crimsafe sliding doors increasing airflow, protect your views and create a sense of open space in your home.

French doors

French doors look beautiful, but they can be an easy access point for criminals. Crimsafe’s double French door security screens have been designed to secure your doors, without detracting from their visual appeal.


Bi-fold and stacking doors

Bi-fold and stacking doors are ideal for very large openings, such as onto a large balcony, patio or courtyard.

Bi-fold doors have hinged panels that open up concertina-style, folding back on themselves neatly.

Stacking doors have sliding panels that stack in front of each other.

French doors

Why Monaro Screens?

Monaro Screens isn’t just a name, but a legacy in Canberra. With over 25 years of dedicated service, we’ve fortified homes, protected families, and added an aesthetic appeal to thousands of residences. Our longevity speaks for our commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Local Expertise

Being rooted in Canberra for over a quarter of a century, Monaro Screens understands the unique needs of its residents. We’ve witnessed the city’s evolution, and our solutions have always evolved to meet its demands.

Premium Installation

Our team comprises trained professionals ensuring that every Crimsafe door is installed to perfection, providing optimum security and appeal.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our relationship with customers goes beyond a mere transaction. We believe in understanding your needs, guiding you through the options, and ensuring a smooth experience from consultation to installation.

Warranty Assurance

Our belief in Crimsafe products and our installation standards are solid. That’s why we back them up with a robust warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

Beyond Security: A Commitment to Canberra

Monaro Screens isn’t just about security. We’re about the proud local Canberra community. Our family business is committed to making Canberra a safe and happy place for our customers. By choosing Monaro Screens for your Crimsafe security doors, you’re not only opting for unmatched quality but also supporting a local business that’s deeply rooted in the Canberra community.

If you are looking at installing Crimsafe security doors in Canberra, we are here to help. Reach out to Monaro Screens today, and let us redefine security and style for your home with Crimsafe.