EnduroShield – It’s like water off a duck’s back

EnduroShield is a revolutionary, simple to apply, invisible coating that repels water, soap scum & grime, allowing you easier cleaning, less often.

EnduroShield™ is a permanent non-stick coating ideal for all glass shower screens. The once only application makes grime, dirt and soap scum easier to clean by up to 90%. Suitable for new or old glass and is a once only application. It permanently bonds to glass and protects against staining from hard water, lime scale and soap scum. It works on all glass surfaces including shower screens, bathroom mirrors and splashbacks.

Makes cleaning a breeze

  • An occasional wipe down is all it takes, no more scrubbing
  • ‘Once only’ application
  • Keeps surfaces looking brand new
  • Helps prevent harmful bacteria build-up
  • Promotes a germ free environment
  • Superior protection against the corrosive effects of hard water, soap scum, chemicals, dirt, grime and salt.
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • 3 year guarantee on existing glass and all tiles and grout
  • 10 year guarantee on new glass supplied and installed by Monaro Screens.

Cleaning instructions for Glass Shower Screens, Mirrors and Splashbacks

A quick clean every few weeks using a mild detergent and a sponge, or a damp microfiber cloth and soap, will remove soap scum and grime from the glass. A general glass cleaner and a cloth are also suitable.


  • Do not use any rough, gritty or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the coating.
  • Harsh and corrosive chemical cleaning products are not required or recommended for use on EnduroShield treated surfaces.
  • For areas with hard water or bore water, mineral deposits, such as lime and calcium, may build up on the protective coating and not be removed easily with a mild detergent. A solution of vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 5 parts water), will need to be used occasionally to dissolve these deposits.

1. After taking a shower, dry the glass using either a squeegee (available in store) or a dry cloth. This will help to keep your shower looking pristine and will mean you do not have to clean the glass so often. Or…

2. Don’t dry the shower glass after each use but clean it more often. However, by not drying the glass each time spotting may occur. The EnduroShield™, coating makes spots easy to remove but cleaning may be required each month or so, depending on water quality.

It’s so easy! If any marks are hard to remove just repeat the process. To clean the outside of the shower use any normal glass cleaner.

So when you order your new Monaro Shower Screen or splashback, make sure you ask about EnduroShield™.