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Buy ‘Big things’

Up to $15,000 and up to 36 months to pay, depending on where you shop and what you buy

Take it today and take time to pay – with no interest, ever


What is HUMM?

Humm helps everyday Australians Buy Now Pay Later. Our payment plans are great value because humm customers pay no interest ever.


Who Can HUMM?

You just need to tick these boxes:

– Live in Australia

– Be 18 years or older

– Have a valid email address and mobile number

– Own an Australian bank account debit/credit card

– Have an Australian drivers licence, aged pension or veteran’s pension card


With no interest, are the fees high?

No, they’re not. When you buy a ‘Big thing’ you’ll pay an establishment fee $40. Then you’ll pay just $8 a month. For full details read your Continuing Credit Payment Plan agreement.

You will only ever pay single $8 monthly fee regardless of the number of ongoing HUMM payment plans you have.


How  Do I Shop With HUMM?

Humm is fast and simple to use no matter where you prefer to shop:

– In store, log into the humm portal and generate a barcode. Simply take this to the checkout with your purchase and they will scan or input the code.

– Contact us for us to apply on your behalf.


No Hidden Fees. No Interest.

Humm makes their money by charging their retailers directly so that they can keep your costs at zero. The same goes for fees, with the exception of a $6 late fee if you miss a payment.

Click here for Terms and Conditions.