National Secure Your Home Day | Crimsafe + Neighbourhood Watch

Crimsafe Home Crimprovement Before & After

Did you know September is not just the start of spring but also National Secure Your Home Month? As your trusted partners in safety and the proud installers of Crimsafe Security Screens for over a quarter of a century in Canberra, Monaro Screens is here to remind you of the importance of ‘home crimprovement’.

Join us, along with Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, in dedicating this month to enhance the safety and security of your homes. Whether it’s a two-day effort or a simple task every day, every step counts towards creating a safer space for your loved ones.

🔒 Here’s how you can be part of this initiative:

1️⃣ Visit Crimsafe’s Home Crimprovement for valuable tips and guidelines on bolstering your home security.

2️⃣ Review your current security measures. Old screens? Rusty locks? This is the perfect time to upgrade with us.

3️⃣ Spread the word! Encourage your friends, family, and neighbours to take part in this initiative.

Let’s come together as a community this September and make our homes the safest they can be. Remember, security isn’t just an installation; it’s a commitment to a safer tomorrow. Secure today with Monaro Screens!

Home Crimprovement: Tips to enhance the safety and security of your home

  • Move your wheelie bins to a secure location, not against the house
  • Lock your gates – both front and back with a solid padlock
  • Lock your garden shed and garage
  • Trim trees so crim’s have nowhere to hide
  • Install security screens to protect from unwanted intruders
  • Install cameras to deter criminals and monitor your home
  • Fixed sliding doors can reduce the risk of a break-in
  • Adding sensor lights can light up dark areas at night

National Secure Your Home Day is brought to you by Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, is a powerful way to turn the tide. You do not have to live with the fear and uncertainty of neighbourhood crime.

Harden your security and reduce your risk of being a crime target. For further information about National Secure Your Home Day and how to get involved, visit