Monaro Screens Zipslides

zip slide

Monaro Zipslides are your solution to bringing the outdoors inside, perfect for bi folding and stacking glass doors, French doors, patios and balconies.

With a design like no other Monaro Zipslides will keep those pesky insects out whilst still giving you the view to the outdoors and letting a breeze flow through your household on those hot summer days and nights.

With the unique and sleek design Monaro Zipslides are minimalistic and the most durable retractable screen you’ll find on the market, being able to withstand a surprising amount of force for a non security door.


The tracking is available in a recessed tracking for those spots where a trip hazard can avoided and also can come with a cover for the colder seasons when not in use and can stop the build up of water/dirty/leafs etc over the period.


Monaro Zipslides offer multiple stopping points for those larger areas so you can still have the zipslide partially open and allowing access in and our for entertaining or pets.


Monaro Zipslides can span upto 6 meters wide in a single system and upto 12 meters in a double unit

  • Locally designed and manufactured
  • Custom made
  • 200 different frame colours available
  • Adjustable track system
  • Quiet sliding
  • Easy to clean – the removable cassette cover allows easy access for cleaning and servicing.
  • Dual screen option – can have a fly screen when wanted then turned into a privacy screen when needed.