Crimsafe Windows & Exits

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Crimsafe has a flexible range of installation methods to suit any size or type of window, including fixed, hinged, casement-style, sliding windows or louvres.
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Fixed window screens

Crimsafe fixed panel windows are non-moving panels and are often the best option for securing louvres or sash windows, provided these windows do not form part of an emergency exit procedure.


Hinged window screens

Crimsafe hinged window screens are hinged along their sides or top to swing outward or inward.
Hinged windows are ideal for single and multi-panel sliding windows, double hung windows, single and multiple hoppers, casement windows, louvres, and fixed and sliding combinations.

Sliding window screens

Crimsafe sliding window security screens can be single, double or triple sliding.
They can be installed on the inside or outside of sliding windows, or the inside of casement windows.


Emergency exits

Crimsafe has designed Safe-S-Capes®, a keyless one-touch emergency exit system that secures your windows against intruders, but still allows you to get out quickly and easily if you need to.

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